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      Chipperfields circus poster


January Chipperfield's Circus

1st - 3 shows, 2pm, 5pm & 8pm

3rd-7th - 2 shows, 5pm & 8pm

8th - 3 shows, 2pm, 5pm & 8pm

14th /  


15th January   Yes, Heads Hands & Feet, Shawn Philips  
Yes Poster Free Concert Programme Yes ticket
17th January The Byrds, Tranquility       Byrds Poster Byrds Ticket
20th January   The Kinks Video link to Kinks at The Rainbow  
21st/     Jimi plays Berkeley concert poster Free Concert Programme
22nd January   Film ”Jimi plays Berkley” "live Jimmy & Vella, Cat Mother
    Film PosterJimi plays Berkley poster
23rd January   Curtis Mayfield, Bloodstone  
28th January   Isaac Hayes
29th/     Mountain poster Free Programme Mountain ticket
30th January Mountain, The Jimmy McCullough Band  
  Press Advert
5th February Poco, Billy Preston, Gallagher & Lyle Poco press advert Free Programme Poco Ticket
Press Ad  
6th February The Edgar Broughton Band, Dave Ellis  
    Faces Ticket
10th -  
12th February The Faces, Aston, Gardner & Dyke, Byzantium
  Video link to The Faces performing "Stay with Me" at this concert Free Programme Faces Poster
17th -    
20th February Pink Floyd     Pink Floyd Ticket
Premier of “Eclipse” which became “Dark Side of the Moon”
Free Programme
20th February Jack Bruce Band, Rahsaan Roland Kirk & the Vibration Society - Cancelled  
    Free Concert Programme
26th February The Steve Miller Band, Tim Hardin, Young & Renshaw
Video link to Steve Miller Band performing "The ganster is bad" at this concert Steve Miller Band press Advert
27th February Chicken Shack, The Savoy Brown Blues Band Chicken Shack tour advert
1st March The Kinks  
    Free Programme
3rd March Desmond Decker & The Aces, The Pioneers, Bruce Ruffin, Nicky Thomas
4th March Osibisa, Fella Ransome Kuti, Afro 70 with Ginger Baker
5th March Roy Harper, Helen Reddy Roy Harper advert Roy Harper programme
7th March Al Stewart  
  Three hour solo concert  
  Tony Kingsbury recalls in My Al Stewart Chronicles:  

“One of the concerts that sticks in my memory was at the huge Rainbow in Finsbury Park, north London. Whether it was the best of Al's concerts I'd seen is difficult to judge all these years on but it feels like it was. Huge audience, very long show with Al solo and with the first band. Didn't promote that one though- bugger! “

Graham Tidd also recalls "I remember seeing Al Stewart for just 50p for that 3 hour concert (a bargain even then). He did an acoustic set with stuff like A Small Fruit Song and probably Love Chronicles then came back with a full band doing stuff like Zero She Flies."

Humble Pie Poster
10th /  
11th March Humble Pie, Hookfoot, Trapeze
12th March Theatre closes  
      Soft Machine were due to play a concert that night, it was cancelled.
Alice Cooper & Freddie King had a concert cancelled to be held on 18th March.
      The Grateful Dead had four concerts cancelled, due to be held from 3rd - 6th April
      Steve Miller Band had a concert cancelled due to be held on 7th April.
      ELO had a concert cancelled due to be held on 18th April
      The Allman Bros & J.Giles Band had a concert cancelled due to be held on 28th April
      Alice Cooper ticket   Allman Bros ticket    
  29th May   National Rock/Folk Contest National Rock/Folk Contest advert
      NME-May 27, 1972: Front page headlines:  
      NME Front page 27th May 1972  
      The Rainbow Theatre in London's Finsbury Park - acclaimed, as Britain's leading rock centre during its brief four-month span until it closed down in early March - is to re-open shortly. The lease on the premises has been acquired by a specially formed company called Biffo run by Chris Wright and Terry Ellis, who are also the bosses of the Chrysalis organisation. Artists and groups recording for the Chrysalis label, or handled for management or agency by Chrysalis, will be among the first attractions featured at the re-born Rainbow. These include Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, Procol Harum, Cat Stevens, Black Sabbath and Edgar Broughton. Deep Purple Ticket
30th June - Re-Opening Shows
1st July Deep Purple, Silverhead
        Deep Purple Press Advert
  21st/       Joe Cocker advert Joe Cocker ticket
  22nd July   Joe Cocker & The Chris Stanton Band, Patto, Gerry Lockran
  29th July   Slade, Juicy Lucy, Max Merritt & The Meteors Slade advert Slade ticket
  12th August   Free  
        Hawkwind Poster Hawkwind Ticket 1972
13th August Hawkwind, Man, Keith Christmas, Magic Muscle,
  Beryl Billabong & The Sheilas DJ Andy Dunkley
  2,000 people without tickets storm the side door and get in free
Hawkwind programme Hawkwind givaway Programme  
  16th -      
  18th August   David Bowie Rehearsals  
  20th August   David Bowie, Roxy Music, Lloyd Watson Video link to film of Ziggy at The Rainbow  
Procol Harum's Matthew Fisher played a Steinway Grand piano at these gigs, but was behind a curtain so the audience couldn't see him, he was only introduced at the end of the second night to take a bow!
Bowie by stage door Back stage Pass Bowie on stage
  Bowie Ticket
  30th August   David Bowie Foyer dressing for Bowie Gig Bowie Ticket
        David Bowie press advert Bowie Flyer
17th September

Stephen Stills/Manassas

Stephen Still/Manassas ticket
22ndSeptember Procol Harum, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
Pro Art Singers
Poster Procal Harum Ticket
  After show party ticket
  ? September   Jackie Wilson & The Sweetest Feeling, Black Faith, The Marvels Jackie Wilson on stage
  1st October   Jimmy Cliff   Jimmy Cliff advert
  7th October   Stone the Crows, Tennent and Morrison Stone the Crows Ticket
            Stone the Crows Tour advert
  13th October   Chairmen of The Board, William Bell, Arthur Conley Chairmen of the Board press advert
          Mott the Hoople ticket
  14th/     Mott advert
  15th October   Mott The Hoople, Home  
  21st October   The Kinks, The Mike Cotton Brass, Suzi Quatro, Birtha Kinks Ticket
27th October Ralph McTell, Natual Acoustic Band   Ralph McTell advert Ralph McTell ticket
  Ralph McTell advert
3rd November Ten Years After, Frankie Miller and Brinsley Schwarz   Ten Years After ticket
          Ten Years After Ticket
  4th November   The Osmonds     Osmonds Ticket
  5th November   Ralph McTell      
  8th/9th November   The Osmonds   Crowds outside theatre for Osmonds concert Osmonds Ticket
      The Osmonds performed their 3rd concert at the Rainbow Theater in Finsbury Park. The following is a story from a British newspaper: “Pop star Donny Osmond arrived in an ambulance, under medical supervision, for his concert in London on Thursday night (Nov 9, 1972). A doctor advised 14-year old Donny’s family to cancel the show because he had influenza and temperature of 103. But Donny, idol of the weenybopper fans, insisted that the show must go on. Wrapped in sweaters he arrived at the Rainbow Theater in Finsbury Park to take the stage with his brothers before a capacity audience. Donny said, ‘I heard that 3,000 fans had come from all over Britain, and I just couldn’t let them down.’" The Osmonds on stage
11th November Slade, Thin Lizzy, Suzi Quatro, Press article for Slade/Thin Lizzy concert
Kid Jensen introduces Thin Lizzy
      Slade, Thin Lizzy, Suzi Quatro Press Advert
18th November Wishbone Ash Wisbone Ash ticket
25th November “Film” Pink Floyd at Pompeii (This screening was cancelled) Press Ad Pink Floyd Film Poster
2nd December Duke Ellington  
3rd December Barclay James Harvest with Orchestra, Camel, Spyrogyra

Barclay James Harvest Press Advert

8th December “Tommy” show rehearsals Tommy Ticket
9th December Ron Reizer’s All star “Tommy” show featuring Rod Stewart, The Who, Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers, Steve Winwood , Maggie Bell, Bill Oddie, Elkie Brooks Richie Havens, and Richard Harris with the London Symphony Orchestra
  Tommy Review 1 Tommy poster Tommy programme
  Tommy "cast" Roger Daltrey & Pete Townsend on stage Tommy Review 2
13th December King Crimson, Lloyd Watson KIng Crimson Press Advert King Crimson Ticket
14th -    
16th December Yes, Badger Yes Ticket

The 15th show is assumed to be the source for 'Close To The Edge" and "Starship Trooper" available on Yessongs & Yessongs film

Ex Yes keyboard player Tony Kaye forms new band, Badger. The show was recorded and released as the album “One Live Badger” produced by Jon Anderson also from Yes

Yessongs film poster
Video link to Yes performing "Yours is no disgrace" at this concert
22nd December Groundhogs, Stray, Gentle Giant Groundhogs Press Ad Groundhogs ticket
24th December

David Bowie

Special Christmas Eve concert.

  Bowie advert Bowie Press Advert Bowie Ticket
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