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This website is the result of over thirty years of collecting information and memorabilia about The Rainbow Theatre/ Astoria Finsbury Park, London.

I started working at The Rainbow on 1st January 1977 through to January 1982. I worked in various roles including Assistant front of house Manager, Lighting Technician and Stage Manager. It was a wonderful and sometimes dangerous (in many ways) five years. I thought that one day I would write a book on the history and my own personal experiences, but sadly that has not come to fruition, perhaps one day! (Believe me I have some wonderful stories).

All facts and dates are to my knowledge correct, but I would welcome any corrections, updates or additions, particularly photographs of the building and any live performances. (in fact anything you think would interest viewers of this site).

If I have breached any copyright in any way please forgive me and contact me and I will either remove or credit any item.

If you would like to reproduce any of the content, please contact me to discuss.

I would particularly love to hear from you if you worked at the theatre or knew anyone who did.

In fact, it would be nice to email me to let me know what you thought of the site, I look forward to hearing from you.


You can now put your messages, photos and memorabilia on my FaceBook page. Just go to the 'Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, History' page. I can then put them on this site.

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  All the best - Rick  
      Stage pass
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    Crew laminated Pass Circ. 1980
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This link is to a radio show hosted by Mark Cunningham on Inishowen Live. It presents a brief history of the Rainbow Theatre with rare live recordings from various iconic concerts. Broadcast in February 2014

(click here to listen)


This is a link to an interview I did for 'Mark Chatterton's Rock Files' We talk about my time working at The Rainbow and a few stories


(Click here to watch)

This link is to an podcast I did with Music Heritage UK. In it I discuss some special moments from The Rainbows history, and a few secrets!! It also has some rare recordings of The Ramones, Bowie and Bob Marley concerts.

Click here to listen


This link is to a short film decribing the theatre and it's history. Made by Compton Lodge Studios. It is part of their Movie Palaces series of films, number 123


Click here to watch
This is a link to an Open University programme "Mechanical Sevices in the Cinema" which features a look at The Astoria's original technical facilities.
Click here to watch

The Rock n Roll is now a multi-million pound industry. If you want to know more about its pioneers, check out Richard Ames's wonderful book. “Live Music Production – Interviews with UK Pioneers".
Lots of great “behind the scenes” information about who and how the industry got going by those who were there at the beginning. Also includes some wonderful Rainbow Theatre stuff !!...Recommended!!…/…/9780815373728



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