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    Plans put forward by the Rank Organisation to convert the theatre into a bingo hall were withdrawn  
    Rumours circulate that the theatre is to be opened again as a music venue, but these plans appear to have stalled due to lack of finance.  
    Used as a church by "The Rainbow Christain Fellowship"  
    Mars advert shoot
    Chesney Hawks shoots video for "I am the one and only"
    Level 42 rehearsals  
23rd March   David Bowie - Sound+Vision tour Press Conference David Bowie at Press Conference
Bowie performing "Space Oddity" at this press conference
    Location filming for the film "Hardwear"
    Aztec Camera shoot video for "Good morning Britain"
    Led Zeppelin rehearsals  
    Nan Vernon shoots video for "No more lullabies"
    Barkley's training video shot  
    Used briefly by the Elim Pentecostal Church  
  Taken over by Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Front of the building circ. 1996
    Auditorium restored  
    The Restored Auditorium circ. 1999  
    (Photo Hugh Flouch)  
    Foyer restored  
    The Foyer  
28th February

Opens to the public for one night by The Cinema Theatre Association to show the film “Sunset Boulevard”

The last time this film was shown at the theatre was from 8.50pm to 10.40pm on 11th November 1950

  The Cinema Theatre Association's "Sunset Boulevard" showing 2004  
  The UCKG Help Centre teamed up with the Cinema Theatre Association (CTA) at their request, to screen a movie in celebration of the wonderful restoration work carried out on the theatre which was entirely sponsored by the UCKG Help Centre members.  
  The Guardian newspaper described the Theatre as 'jaw dropping' and featured an interview with chairman of the CTA, Mr Richard Gray who said the building was "one of the greatest cinemas of its kind in Europe" and described its restoration as astonishing. He said, "The church has done a really wonderful job restoring it."  
  Over 1,300 non-church members packed in to view the theatre and watch the film 'Sunset Boulevard'. Future screenings are anticipated.  
  Flyer for a CTA showcase featuring a showing of Sunset Boulevard  
  The Rainbow Theatre is open for all, regardless of if you are a church members or not. The public are always welcome to come in and simply view the building if they wish.  
  I strongly recommend it!  
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