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    by Jamie & Lawrence Bloom, Alan Shievren & Sean Casey    
        Re-opening promo badge Press Cutting Genesis programme  
3rd January   Genesis   Invite to Rainbow Theatre re-opening party  
Genesis ticket Genesis ticket
24th January   The Sensational Alex Harvey Band  
    Rehearsals for their upcoming tour  
27th –      
29th January   Lynyrd Skynyrd, Clover     Lynyrd Skynyrd programme Lynyrd Skynyrd ticket Lynyrd Skynrd ticket  
    While staying at The Royal Lancaster Hotel, The band get involved in a clash with the Metropolitan Police Boxing team, which is holding it’s annual dinner. Rossington and Pyle are both knocked unconscious during a melee and both need medical treatment
        Clover advert Lynyrd Skynyrd ticket  
30th January   The Climax Blues Band, The Stranglers   Hugh Cornwall wearing that T-Shirt Climax Blues Band/Stranglers Ticket  
    The Stranglers performance stopped due to “Fuck” T-Shirt worn by Huge Cornwall, I remember Alan Edwards, their publisist on the phone in the foyer phoning all the music press, the next morning The Stranglers name was in every newspaper   Climax Blues Band/Stranglers poster  
12th February   Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Press Advert Steve Harley & Cocknet Rebel Programme  
  This was a charity concert in aid of the homeless in Northern
19th February Eddie & The Hot Rods, Ultravox   Eddie & The Hot Rods Broken seats press report Press Advert Eddie & the Hot Rods ticket  
    Eddie & The Hot Rods poster
25th February The Streetwalkers, The Foster Brothers Streetwalkers programme Streetwalkers ticket  
27th February Jerry Lee Lewis, The Darts   Jerry Lee Lewis advert  
5th March Iggy Pop, The Vibrators
  Heavy security backstage because Iggy had David Bowie playing Keyboards in his backing band   Iggy Pop Ticket
  Billed as The Idiot World Tour it visited three countries and produced of twenty-six performances. The band consisted of: Iggy Pop (vocals), David Bowie (keyboards and backing vocals), Ricky Gardiner (guitar), Tony Sales (bass) and Hunt Sales (drums).    
6th March Uriah Heep, Woody Woodmanson’s U-Boat
  Now it was the turn of David Bowie’s “Spiders” supporting, with their old boss either day!   Uriah Heep Advert
7th March Iggy Pop (with David Bowie), The Vibrators  
11th March AC/DC, Jenny Darren AC/DC ticket  
AC DC Press Advert
13th March Graham Parker & The Rumour, Southside Johnny & The Asbury
  Graham Parker & The Rumour Poster  
  Jukes Graham Parker & The Rumour programme
        Press Advert
  Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes blow the place apart with an incredible performance. On the strength of this show they are booked the headline their own show a month later.
17th March David Soul       David Soul Press Advert  
18th March Marc Bolan & T Rex, The Damned T Rex programme Mark Bolan & T Rex ticket  

Punk meets Glam Rock a fantastic double bill”  

Marc Bolan's last London show as six months later he was dead, when his car crashed into a tree on Barnes Common.

19th March The Pat Travers Band  
24th March The Kinks, Charlie Kinks ticket  
25th March Golden Earring, Widowmaker Golden Earring Press Advert Golden Earring Press Advert  
  Recorded for the “Golden Earring Live” Album  
26th March Steve Hillage   Steve Hillage programme Press Advert Steve Hillage ticket  
1st April Paice, Ashton & Lord, Bandit PAL poster PAL ticket  
4th April


Mott the Hoople

  Live showcase and photo session.
  Nigel Benjamin and Ian Hunter had left the band and they invited Steve Hyams to join. The press got wind of this Mott the Hoople Mark II, so the band did this event to and invited audience which didn't go down very well and later the band morphed into The British Lions.    
6th April Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Ronnie Spector
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes ticket  
  7th April   S.A.H.B., Krazy Kat  
  8th –           Fleetwood Mac ticket Fleetwood Mac ticket
10th April Fleetwood Mac, Charlie
  27th/       Small Faces programme Small Faces Press Advert   Small Faces ticket Small Faces ticket  
  28th April   The Small Faces, CockSparrer    
29th April Eric Clapton, Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance, Pete Townsend  
Eric is in a bad way, drinking heavily, he leaves the stage half way gig, only to be enticed back on stage by Pete Townsend,
has to mime his way through rest of set
  Eric Clapton Programme Eric Clapton ticket
  30th April/   “The Sun Sound Show” with Charlie Feathers,Buddy Knox, Warren Smith, The Sun Show poster The Sun Sound Show line up The Sun Sound Show programme  
1st May Jack Scott, Crazy Cavern & The Rhythm Rockers
  2nd –    
  7th May   Elton John & Ray Cooper   in the Foyer
Princess Alexandra attends the charity gala night the management are presented afterwards dressed up to the nines in dicky suits!
      Elton John Lamitated Pass   Elton John gala evening invite  
      Press advert for Elton John's Royal Gala Concert   Elton John ticket  
  9th May   The Clash, The Jam, The Buzzcocks, Subway Sect, The Prefects  

The Clash's first major headline tour, the White Riot Tour, with The Jam (who pull out half way through after disagreements over money and sound mixes) This show is a punk milestone - the song White Riot led to fans tearing out 200 seats and throwing the wreckage onstage.

Unbelievably a 10cm piece of broken seat with a text by Caroline Coon was sold in auction in 2010 for £120 (I bet they wish they hadn't thrown them on stage!!!)

Clash ticket  
  The Jam on stage Clash tour poster Clash poster  
  12th May   Slade, Liar       Press Advert Slade ticket  
  13th May   Bill Oddie & Pacific Eardrum Bill Oddie ticket  
  14th May   Ian Gillan Band, Strapps   Ian Gillan Band poster Dressing Room Sign  
  20th May   John Mayall  
  28th May   Dolly Parton, Five Hand Reel Dolly Parton advert Dolly Parton ticket  
  1st –      
  4th June  

Bob Marley & The Wailers, Rico


video link to Bob Marley & The Wailers performing 'Exodus' from this concert

  Bob Marley on stage   Bob Marley & The Wailers Poster  
      It was only six months since the attempted assassination after the “Smile Jamaica” concert and there was maximum security at the shows. Both Marley and his manager Don Taylor were both worried that some brethren of the Kingston gunmen might emerge out of the shadows of London's large Jamaican community.
Marley's health was troubling as well. An old football injury to his big toe was aggravated in Paris just weeks previous. The old wound had never really healed he had worn a bandage on his foot for several weeks, but it had done little good. His boots would fill with blood during the London shows; Marley was advised to stay off his feet but he was determined to get through the tour. Marley transformed his physical pain and anxiety into a series of stirring performances, his finest in London. He performed several new songs from the his latest album “Exodus” including Natural Mystic and Jamming, plus essential songs including I shot the Sheriff, War, No more trouble, Them belly full & Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock) Exodus was often the last song of the evening. The Rainbow Theatre shows were recorded and released as a video, Bob Marley and the Wailers Live!.

Bob Marley & The Wailers ticket  
  9th June   Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Radio Stars Eddie & The Hot Rods programme  
  12th June   The Heavy Metal Kids   Heavy Metal Kids ticket  
  17th June   Crew Party on stage      
        Boomtown Rats Pass   Tom Petty-Boomtown Rats advert Tom Petty ticket  
19th June

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers,

  The Boomtown Rats  
Billed as The Terminal Romance UK Tour
            Front of theatre showing advertisment for Greek show 24th/25th June 1977  
June George Dalaras, Haris Alexiou, Anna Vissi,  
  Haralambos Garganourakis
5th-           Billy Connolly PASS  
7th July Billy Connolly
22nd July The Kinks    
23rd July Boxer, Crawler, Moon   Boxer,Crawler,Moon Poster  
29th/ Boz Scaggs   Boz Scaggs poster Boz Scaggs ticket Boz Scaggs ticket  
30th July  
1st - 4th    
August Little Feat, Tower of Power Horns Video link to Little Feat performing 'Spanish Moon' at these concerts Little Feat ticket Little Feat ticket  
Mick Taylor “Guests” ,recorded for the Waiting for Columbus Album
31st August The Doobie Brothers, Crawler Crawler Press Advert Doobie Bros programme  
3rd September Harry Chapin         Harry Chapin Press Advert  
8th -10th    
September Big Youth, Dennis Brown     Big Youth press advert  
15th September Sham 69, Drunk n' Disorderly, Lous  
23rd September

Film "Ladies & Gentlemen - The Rolling Stones

This was the first European screening of the film


    Ticket for the film "Ladies & Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones"  
24th September The Southerland Brothers & Quiver, City Boy  
25th September Mink DeVille, Tyla Gang   Mink DeVille Poster Mink DeVille press advert  

30th September

& 1st October Iggy Pop, The Adverts Press Advert Iggy Pop ticket
2nd October The Little River Band Little River Band Poster  
3rd October Rose Royce Press Advert Rose Royce ticket  
  7th October   Denice Williams, Lenny Williams  
  9th - 11th       Weather Report flyer   Weather Report Press Advert Weather Report Ticket 1977  
October Weather Report     Weather Report programme
12th October Lone Star, Stranger   Press Advert Lone Star ticket  
  13th October   Ian Gillan  
  14th -16th      
  October   Dr.Hook, Alphalpha Dr Hook Programme Dr Hook ticket  
20th October Johnny Thunder & The Heartbreakers, Heartbreakers Ticket (The Boys did not appear!!)
Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Heartbreakers Press Advert   The Heartbreakers Press Advert
The Models
All the Sex Pistols there, drinking at the bar with James Hunt the motor racing driver!
  21st October   “Live Disco” with Outsiders, Suspects, The Meat, Youthenasia     "Live Disco" poster  
  October   Donna Summer         Donner Summer Ticket
  October   Burning Spear         Burning Spear ticket  
      Vocals - Winston Rodney, Congos - Philip Fullwood, Saxophone - George Lee, Drums - Angus Gaye, Trumpet - Bobby Ellis, Rhythm Guitar - Brinsley Forde, Bass - George Oban, Keyboards - Courtney Hemmings, Lead Guitar - Donald Griffins
  28th October   Smokie  
  29th October   Boney M, Eruption  
  30th October   Roy Harper, Sprigins Roy Harper advert Roy Harper programme  
  1st November   George Duke  
  3rd November   Steve Hillage, Glen Phillips Steve Hillage poster Steve Hillage ticket  
  5th November   Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gale Kenny Rogers tour advert  
  9th November   Sweet  
        Rainbow on stage  
      Rainbow Poster
  November   Rainbow, Kingfish   Rainbow ticket Rainbow ticket Rainbow ticket
  15th November   Blondie, XTC   Blondie advert Blondie ticket  
  17th/18th             The Chieftains programme  
  November   The Chieftains          
  20th November   Max Bygraves, Georgie Fame  
  21st November   John Martyn         John Martyn ticket  
  24th November   Cher & Greg Allman, Splinter  
  26th/27th     Graham Parker & The Rumour ticket  
  November   Graham Parker & The Rumour, Clover  
  29th November   Horslips , Radiator, Dave Cartright Horslips advert Horslips ticket  
      Billed as The Aliens Tour  
  1st December   Frankie Millar, Meal Ticket Frankie Miller Ticket  
  2nd December   Alan Price, Gonzalez  
  3rd December   Gary Glitter, Rosetta Stone  
  4th December   Nazareth, Marseilles         Nazareth ticket  
  13th-15th       "Punks" outside Clash concert   Poster for The Clash & Richard Hell & The Void-oids Clash ticket  

The Clash, Sham 69, The Zones, Richard Hell & The Void-oids*

*14th only


Clash press advert  
  16th December   The Alessi Brothers         Press Advert  
  17th December   The Boomtown Rats, The Yachts, Blast Furnace & The Heatwaves Boomtown Rats Flyer Boomtown Rats ticket  
  Blast Furance/Boomtown Rats fanzine advert
  18th December   Baris Mancho   Baris Mancho ticket  
  21st December   The Darts  
  December   The Kinks         Kinks ticket
      This concert was broadcast live on BBC 2's The Old Grey Whistle Test, introduced by Bob Harris

  28th -30th      
  December   “Stars in Wonderland” with Lulu, Ted Rogers, Bernie Clifton, Lesley Judd, The Wurzels, Berni Flint, Mud, Roy Castle, The Barron Knights, Stu Francis & Geofrey Bishop’s New Edition, Keith Chegwin, Ed "Stewpot" Stewart Stars in Wonderland Poster  
Panto comes to The Rainbow!    
  31st December   The Ramones, The Rezillos, Generation X Video Link to The Ramones concert    
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