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1st January   The Ramones, The Rezillos, Generation X  
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2nd -      
7th January   “Stars in Wonderland” with Lulu, Ted Rogers, Bernie Clifton, Lesley Judd, The Wurzels, Berni Flint, Mud, Roy Castle, The Barron Knights, Stu Francis & Geofrey Bishop’s New Edition, Keith Chegwin, Ed "Stewpot" Stewart  
5th February Nese Karaboctek  
7th February   Gilbert O’Sullivan Rehearsals  
6th March   Graham Bonnet Rehearsals  
7th March   Dicky Betts & The Great Southern, Lee Fardon & The Legionairres Dickey Detts & The Great Southern Ticket
11th March   Spirit, Alternative TV, The Police Spirit, Alternative TV, The Police flyer Spirit, Alternative TV,  The Police ticket
18th March   Gordon Giltrap Gordon Giltrap ticket
29th March   Thin Lizzy Video link to Thin Lizzy performing "The boys are back in town" fron this concert Thin Lizzy ticket
31st March   Chick Corea  
1st –    
4th April Patti Smith, Tapper Zukie and the Intimidators, The Subway Sect  
  Chris Brazier reviewed in the Melody Maker
At London's Rainbow on Saturday night the Patti Smith Group gave another devastating performance, which left a packed audience demanding, and getting, a second encore at a quarter past midnight after a show that had lasted over two hours. Response to Patti was instant as she entered to the circling organ, which prefaces "Privilege," a strange little figure in an oversize bowler hat, shaking a crook and a toy sheep as she spat out "The Lord is my shepherd." Her voice was gloriously resonant, and the new Easter album (only that record's most dispensable track, "Ghost Dance," omitted) sounded even stronger live. "Space Monkey," particularly, was much more convincingly raunchy (it helps being able to make out the lyrics); and "25th Floor’s volcanic density was made for live performance, providing the justification at last for Patti's defiantly amateur (in both senses of the word) guitar playing. The show reached an inevitable peak about three-quarters of the way through with the startling grandeur of "Because the Night," the Springsteen collaboration, which is set fair for the upper reaches of the singles chart - no surprise given its heroic ring, its irresistible immediacy.
And it was a triumph as much for the band as for the lady herself. All the misguided charges of incompetence are way behind them now, and they're being pushed even further forward. Lenny Kaye even takes over vocals for a competent version of "The Kids Are Alright," and Patti is becoming more the lead singer with a group than the all-shouldering high priestess she was at the cataclysmic Roundhouse gig two years ago. Which is fine in itself, but it's also where my reservations about the gig start to trickle in. For a start, this is a different Patti Smith from the lady I came to know and love. She's certainly very tired after the European tour, but it was the same near the start of the tour in Berlin - she has none of the bounding excess of energy, the sheer childlike exuberance that used to crackle through her performance. She often stands stock-still or goes through stagecraft motions where before she'd leap up and down excitedly. It reduces her power slightly, even though we have no right to expect anything other than such a development.
But hand in hand with that is a drastic reduction in her communication with the audience - she seemed unable to think of anything more to say than "I'm really happy to be here," and sparingly now does she spin into one of those spontaneous poetry-stabs for which she is famous. The couple of times she started improvising fell embarrassingly flat, as at the end of "We Three" (which eventually resolved itself into the "tick/tock, f*** the clock" intro to "Time Is On My Side" that we first saw at the Roundhouse) or worse, when she hushed the band up suddenly during "Land" as if she was about to come up with something really momentous, then could think of nothing and resorted to shouting in childish exasperation. And besides, after "Because the Night" things started to disintegrate, partly I think, due to her exhaustion, but more because of an interminable edition of "Radio Ethiopia" which still leaves this boy cringing and even angry at its ridiculous self-indulgence and always will do so. I was forced to laugh, though, when Ivan Kral, laughing, hit on the riff to "Whole Lotta Love" midway through, then turned to see Lenny Kaye, shaking his head disapprovingly, and immediately broke into a (presumably approved) free-form run. After that even the quintessential and best-loved Patti Smith pieces, "Gloria" and "Land," couldn't lift me again. She makes mistakes, but part of her charm is her courageous readiness to go out on a limb. I'm still right under her spell, and it looks like she's at last becoming the star she's always deserved to be. Preceding her were Tapper Zukie and the Intimidators, who doubtless play fine reggae but whom I found incomprehensible and tedious; and Subway Sect. A big break which they seized with the best performance I've yet seen from them - with their twisted guitar-sound and tortured lyrical style they really are progressing quickly down the trail behind the most prominent New Yorkers they admire so much.

Patti Smith "after show" pass
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Patti Smith Programme
8th April The Damned, Prof & The Profettes, Johnny Moped,The Soft Boys, Better Looking  
  Although the band had officially split, they reformed for a farewell gig. Dave Vanian had left to join The Doctors of Madness, Rat Scabies had formed The White Cats, Lu & Jon Moss had a project call The Edge, Brian James formed Tanz Der Youth, Captain Sensible was playing with Johnny Moped and with The Softies. Rat Scabies was in the crowd and invited by Captain Sensible to join the band on stage to play a second drum kit - for half the set & the encore, Rat Scabies & Jon Moss drummed together. Additionally, Lol Coxhill joined them to play on a long version of You Know. The Damned Ticket
14th April Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Band of Joy Manfred Mann's Earth Band ticket
      Manfred Mann's Earth Band press advert
21st April Dave Swarbrick with members of Fairport Convention, Beryl and Roger Marriott from his days in a Birmingham ceilidh band - and Peter Bellamy.  
  “I remember that the atmosphere on that day was very sombre, Sandy Denny who Dave had played with in Fairport Convention had fallen down some stairs a month earlier and had died that day from a brain haemorrhage”  
27th April Foreigner Foreigner advert Foreigner ticket
      Jethro Tull programme

7th/ 8th May

Jethro Tull Jethro Tull Badge
    Jethro Tull ticket Jethro Tull ticket
10th May Average White Band  
15th May UK UK ticket Press Advert
26th May Heatwave Rehearsals  
27th May John Otway & Wild Willie Barrett, The Smirks  
  John Otway advert
31st May Harry Chapin  
19th June Thin Lizzy, Horslips  
23rd June Jefferson Starship Rehearsals  
1st July The Enid, 90° Inclusive The Enid press advert
4th July A Rock Opera  
  28th July   Culture Culture press advert Culture Ticket
  29th July   Cliff Richard Rehearsals
  27th August   Eartha Kitt  
      Filming of a Spanish orange juice commercial  
28th August Keith Hudson, Militant Barry, Black Slate  
11th September Boxing - Lenny McLean Vs Ray Shaw Click for video link Programme for Lenny McLean V Ray Shaw
  24th September   The Tennessee Farm Band Tennessee Farm Band poster
      “In the late 1960s, Stephen Gaskin made a name for himself teaching a weekly class on the meaning of the psychedelic experience in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District. At the start of the 70s, he led a hippie exodus to Tennessee, where he created "The Farm," just about the only successful hippie commune still standing.
  25th September   The Witness Musical with Barry McGuire  
          Grateful Dead Poster Grateful Dead ticket


30th September The Grateful Dead
Richard Ames their tour manager recalls "I was working for The Dead for half a year, just back from setting them up with the production for their shows in Egypt, they cancelled the whole European tour I had set up exept for these shows at The Rainbow"
1st October Brand X, Van der Graft Generator, Brand X ticket Brand X programme
  Pete Sinfield
  3rd October   John McLaughlin “One Truth Band” John McLaughlin "One Truth Band" ticket
  14th October   The Moody Blues Rehearsals  
  21st October   Smokie Smokie Poster
  22nd October   Van Halen, Bram Tchaikovsky’s Battleaxe Van Halen ticket
      Van Halen's very first world tour as a headlining band, just after the release of their first album. This tour featured what must have been the band's best-ever line-up. Just show's how new they were in this country at that time...They couldn't even spell their name correctly on the ticket!
  24th October   Steel Pulse, China Street Steel Pulse Poster
  27th October   Jeff Beck Rehearsals  
  10th November   Isaac Hayes with The Hot Buttered Soul Singers, Edwin Star Isaac Hayes Programme Isacc Hayes poster Isaac Hayes Ticket
  16th November   Mighty Sparrow  
  17th November   Showaddywaddy, Rosetta Stone Showaddywaddy programme Showaddywaddy Poster
  18th November   Barbara Dickson Press Advert
  19th November   Jerry lee Lewis, Duane Eddy Jerry Lee Lewis poster Jerry Lee Lewis programme
Jerry Lee Lewis Poster
  22nd November   Third World Third World press advert
  25th November   Dillinger, Zabandis Dillingers press advert Dillinger Poster
29th November

Olivia Newton-John, Labi Saffre

Olivia Newton-John Poster Olivia Newton-John lamitated Pass
  The outside of the building is covered in black vinyl for this event!
2nd December Mike Harding, Hedgehog Pie Mike Harding programme
3rd December Olivia Newton-John, Labie Saffre  
4th December Boxing - Lenny McLean Vs Cliff Fields Programme for boxing on 4th Dec 1978
December Peter Tosh, Matumbi Peter Tosh/Matumbi Press Advert Peter Tosh-Matumbi Ticket
8th December Muddy Walters Muddy Walters ticket
9th December Child, Playboy Child Poster
11th December Taj Mahal Taj Mahal Poster
14th/15th   Boomtown Rats Poster Boomtown Rats programme
December The Boomtown Rats, The Vipers Boomtown Rats Guest Pass
  Boomtown Rats ticket
16th December Tappa Zukie, Cygnus Tapper Zukie press adveryt Tapper Zukie Poster
17th December The Boomtown Rats, The Vipers Boomtown Rats pass The Boomtown Rats flyer
20th December Adam & The Ants, Raped, UK Subs, The Pack, The Memories, Bitch Adam & The Ants Poster
December PIL, Lou’s, Basement 5, Linton Kwesi Johnson PIL ticket
  First gigs with Johnny’s "new" band John Lydon on stage
27th December Sham 69, The Records, Merger, The Invaders, Johnny Rubbish
Sham69 poaster
  Sham’s line up included Steve Jones & Paul Cook
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