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January   Filming “The Great Rock & Roll Swindle” with The Sex Pistols  
    John Lydon: Malcolm auditioned for other Johnny Rottens. They conducted the auditions at the Astoria in Finsbury Park – a real insult because the place is directly opposite where I lived all my life. Friends of mine went down there and tried out for the part. Even my little brother Martin went over. They were trying to get the Pistols going again but with a replacement for me. Malcolm desperately wanted to continue the Pistols but he couldn’t. I know who won the audition – a wanker called Ten Pole Tudor.

14th January The Joe Erskine Benefit Concert Muhammad Ali on stage  
  Featuring Muhammad Ali and The Treharris and District Male Voice Choir  
January   The Osmonds The Osmonds Back Stage Pass
Alan Osman recalls: We were working the Rainbow Theatre. Girls camped out the night before and slept there. There was such a scene - havoc. There were Bobbies all over the place. They decided to put the tickets on sale at midnight. The girls in the back heard about this and literally ran over the girls who were sleeping, and a lot of them didn't get in, and there were fights. They had to call the woman from our fan club to calm everyone down!
And Maureen – a WPC recalls: 5:00 in the morning, I had a phone call from the police - they were in total chaos. I was put on top of a police van with a loud hailer, telling everyone to go home. There was, I'd say, 20,000 people there - for 2,000 tickets

    Osmonds Programme
28th January -      
8th February   Frank Zappa Rehearsals  
    The pit is covered in this time, to prevent any other “accidents”  
12th February   Boxing - Lenny McLean Vs Cliff Fields  
16th February   Herbie Hancock Herbie Hancock programme   Herbie Hancock ticket
      Average White Band ticket  
18th February   Average White Band, Inner Circle  
19th-22nd February Bad Company Rehearsals
23rd/   Michael Jackson on stage    
24th February The Jacksons, The Real Thing Video Link to The Jacksons performing "I want you back" at this concert Jacksons ticket
The Destiny tour
25th February Bill Anderson, Faron Young Bill Anderson, Faron Young advert
March Steve Hillage, Telephone Steve Hillage programme   Steve Hillage ticket
March Average White Band, Inner Circle Average White Band ticket
10th March The Darts, Late Show The Darts on stage. Bob Fish, Den Hegarty, Rita Ray and Griff Fender.
17th Bill Haley & The Comets, Wild Angels, Bill Haley tour luggage tag Bill Haley programme
March Flying Saucers
24th/25th   Culture poster   Culture ticket
March Culture, Tribesman  
29th March Kate Bush - Rehearsals Kate Bush tour items
  Rehearsals for her only tour entitled “The tour of life”
30th Eddie & The Hot Rods, Members tour advert Eddie & The Hot Rods ticket
March The Members, The Magnets Eddie & The Hot Rods advert
4th April Jean LucPonty  
7th April Siouxie & The Banshees, The Human League, Rema Rema Siouxsie & The Banshees programme   Siouxsie & The Banshees ticket
      Siouxsie & The Banshees poster  
12th April Japan, Reggae Regular Japan Press review Japan programme   Japan Poster
22nd April Inner Circle     Inner Circle poster
28th April The Only Ones, The Leyton Buzzards, The Only Ones advert
  Lonesome Nomore, John Cooper-Clarke
29th April The “Liverpool Explosion” Show with Gerry & The Pacemakers, Billy J.Kramer & The Dakotas, Tony Crane & The Merseybeats, The Fourmost, Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, Dave Berry,
The Cruisers, Tommy Bruce
Liverpool Explosion Programme   Liverpool Explosion ticket
  2nd May   The Who     The Who ticket
      First gig after the death of Keith Moon, with Kenny Jones on drums  
  The Who on stage
  4th/5th   Dennis Brown & The Professionals, Dennis Brown tour advert Dennis Brown Poster
May Rudy Thomas
  9th May   Penetration, Radio Stars,   Penetration ticket
  Cowboys International
Penertration Back Stage Pass
  May   The Jam, The Records  
      Nick Kemp reviewed in POP STAR weekly on 14th May
One sentence. "Ullo, this is the Modern World". The audience went berserk and The Jam had taken 20 seconds to consolidate their position at the top of the New Wave hierarchy.
The Jam have progressed considerably in the last year or two. The first time I saw them they were supporting Squeeze at the Marquee... and on a free night at that. In those heady days they'd play In The City about five times and they were the only support band I ever saw that always got at least 2 encores. Nowadays they don't play In the City at all, but with songs like A Place I Love and Mr Clean in the set, you don't really miss it.
The first highlight had to be Strange Town, which didn't retract from the single version except perhaps the live sound was beefier and even easier to relate to. News of the World & London Girl served as a prelude to the big one and over the PA the tapes played of that well known sound of an underground train pulling onto the station. The Rainbow went bananas, and we were taken away from Finsbury Park Astoria to Finsbury Park Station, and the incredible Down in the Tube Station at Midnight.
"They smelt of pubs/and wormwood scrubs/ and too many right wing meetings" Weller muttering the lyrics and Foxton soaring above him on backing vocals. Here comes the Weekend was taken at a faster pace than usual and following that Weller took the time to emotionally thank the appreciative crowd, who were mostly decked out in Sta-prest pants and Parka's decorated with Lambretta badges and The Who insignia....!
With the final crash of Rick Buckler's almost desperate drumming a bomb exploded on the stage heralding A Bomb in Wardour Street, and terminating a magnificent set from a magnificent band. Encore one comprised of two cover songs, first an old Motown classic Love is like a Heatwave, and then another Jam biggie, David Watts which had everybody either pogoing or dancing.
Off, to thunderous applause, finally back to play a medley of Standards, Bricks & Mortar and winding up with the silliest number on their first album, The Batman Theme. We would have stayed there all night had we been allowed, but the sight of the safety curtain being lowered put the majority off. Simply the best gig I have seen in Ages

Jam ticket
Jam tour advert
  12th May  

John Otway, The Headboys, Dafne & The Tenderspots

      John Otway Ticket
Press Advert
  15th May   UK UK ticket
  24th May   Steve Hackett - Rehearsals  
  28th May   Harry Chapin, Tom Chapin  
  9th June   No Dice, Straight 8  
  15th June   XTC, Viva, The Yachts  
  20th June   Barclay James Harvest - Rehearsals  
  June   Peter Tosh   Peter Tosh performing: "Burial" at this concert Peter Tosh poster Peter Tosh ticket
  23rd/   Third World Third World programme
24th June  
  28th/       Van Halen pass Van Halen programmePress Advert Van Halen ticket
29th June Van Halen, St Paradise
  8th July   Blondie  
  11th July   Iggy Pop Iggy Pop ticket
  13th July   Pete Townsend Band, The Pop Group, The Ruts, Aswad  
      This was Townshend's second live solo concert, and his first outside of The Who, staged during recording sessions for "Empty Glass." He says of Cat's In The Cupboard "Here's one that I wrote last week and I recorded on Monday for my solo album, what I'm recording at the moment, while Kenney Jones is getting drunk."
"Southall Kids Are Innocent" poster
      Aswad at Rock against Racism concert Pete Townsend on stage
  14th July   The Clash, Mysty in Roots, Bongo Danny, The Enchanters
      The second in a two day series of concerts organised by the Anti Nazi League under the banner of 'Rock Against Racism'. The gig was to raise money to fund the defence of kids arrested at an anti racism demo in Southall, West London. Clash ticket
16th July Peter Tosh        
25th July The Clash, Aswad, The Members  
28th July Sham 69, Little Rooster, Low Numbers Sham69 Poster   Sham 69 ticket
  The Sham 69 gig ends in a fiasco. The gig lasted 20 minutes through fighting, stage invasions and skinheads out in force.The fire curtain is dropped and isn't raised until the audience are gone. Wings Back to the Egg poster
10th August Wings film “Back to the Egg”
  The last film to be show using in house carbon arc projectors
21st/22nd August Nils Lofgren - Rehearsals  
4th September Status Quo - filming video for “Whatever you want”  
10th September Boxing – Cliff Field v Tshaka Boxing programme
12th September “Buddy Holly Night” - Rehearsals with The Crickets, Paul McCartney
          Free Programme September 1979
14th/ Nils Lofgren,        
15th September Live Wire Nilks Lofgren programme Nils Lofgren Press Advert   Nils Lofgren poster
17th September XTC, The Dazzlers XTC press advert
28th September The Slits, Prince Hammer & Creation Rebel, Don Cherry & Happy House Slits ticket
  This was a stressfull gig for Creation Rebel. Their drummer Style Scott had gone down with acute appendicitus in the night and had been rushed to hospital."We ended up with our guitarist playing drums" remembers Adrian Sherwood The Slits press advert Slits poster
5th October The Rasses The Rasses press advert   The Rasses advert
6th October The Portsmouth Sinfonia  
    Boston tour pass
13th -  
17th October Boston, Trickster
  Fans described the Boston show as “Brilliant!” The original line up. The image of Tom Scholz appearing from underneath the stage, wearing a cape, playing at a huge organ, This organ was transported around Europe in it’s own truck and rigger, this was the only UK concert it was used as all the other stages in the tour were too small Boston ticket
    Boston tour badge Tour Programme  
19th October The Stranglers, The Curves Stranglers ticket
20th October The Cimmerons  
24th October Gillan, Randy California, Samson, Speedmetors Gillan Press Advert
  27th October   Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, John Hiatt Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes ticket
  30th October   The Undertones, Ten Pole Tudor   Press Advert The Undertones poster
  1st November   The Stranglers Stranglers Programme  
2nd November The Skids, Fingerprintz   Skids ticket
  3rd November   Richard & Linda Thompson  
  4th-     Boomtown Rats back stage pass   Free Programme for November 1979
  6th November   The Boomtown Rats, Protex   Boomtown Rats Ticket
              Buzzcocks ticket
9th/ The Buzzcocks, Press Advert
  10th November   Joy Division
  11th November   The Enid  
  12th November   John McLoughlin, Billy Cobham, Jack Bruce, Stu Goldberg  
  17th November   After The Fire, Passengers, Interview After the Fire pass   After the Fire ticket
  “Christian Rock!” Greenbelt festival comes to The Rainbow  
    Press Advert  
  25th November   Caravan Caravan ticket
  29th November   Boxing - Lenny McLean Vs Paul Sykes Boxing Programme Lenny McLean Vs Paul Sykes
  30th November   The Damned, Victim, Spodgenessabounds, Auntie Pus Damned ticket
      Captain Sensible dressed in dinosaur outfit, ends the evening totally starkers along with Rat Scabies. a few seats ripped and thrown by the audience, Captain Sensible throwing equipment back at the audience.
    The Damned poster Press Advert  
  2nd-4th         Jam advert   Jam ticket
  December   The Jam, The Vapors  
  5th December   Wings In house free programme for Christmas Wings programme Wings ticket
  8th December   Secret Affair, Squire, Back to Zero Secret Affair advert
  14th December   Queen Queen "Crazy Tour of London" poster Queen "Crazy tour of London" programme   Queen "Crazy tour of London" ticket
  19th December   The Police   Police tour press advert Police back stage pass  
  20th/   Dire Straits Dire Straits poster   Dire Straits ticket
21st December   Press Advert  
  22nd December   John Otway John Otway advert
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