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Van Morrison   Alvin Lee The Beach Boys Beck,Bogart & Appice
  "It's too late to stop now"   "In flight"   "Live in London"   "Live at The Rainbow"
  Billy Cobham   Burning Spear   Buzzcocks   Crazy Cavern
  "Shabazz"   "Live"   "Live Tension"   "Live at The Rainbow"
  Elton John   Family   Pink Floyd   Focus
  " Rainbow Rock"   "Live"   "Rainbow Show"   "at The Rainbow"
  Genesis   Steve Hillage   Ian Gillan Band   Iron Maiden
  "Live at The Rainbow"   "Rainbow Theatre 1977"   "Live at The Rainbow"   "Revelations"
  The Jam   Journey   Kevin Ayres   The Kinks
  "Live at The Rainbow"   "Rainbow Theatre"   "June 1, 1974"   "Rainbow Theatre"
  Various   Little Feat   Otis Redding   Maggie Bell
  "Over The Rainbow"   "Waiting for Columbus"   "Live"   "Live at The Rainbow"
  Public Image Ltd   Queen   Stevie Wonder   Ramones
  "Live Rainbow Theatre"   "Live at The Rainbow"   "Funkyfied Rainbow"   "It's Alive"
  Silverhead   Spirit   Various   Steely Dan
  "Live at The Rainbow"   "Live at The Rainbow"   "Start Swimming"   "Rainbow Theatre"
  Strapps   Sweet   Doobie Brothers   Yes
  "Live at The Rainbow"   "Live at The Rainbow"   "Live at The Rainbow"   "Yessongs"
    Frank Zappa   Eric Clapton   Stiff Little Fingers   Kool & The Gang
    "You can't do that on stage anymore"   "Rainbow Concert"   "Hanx"   "Love & Understanding"
    King Crimson   U.K.Subs   Marc Bolan & T Rex   Kool & The Gang
    "Rainbow 1973"   "Crash Course"   "Live 1977"   "at the BBC"
    Iron Maiden   Rainbow   The Byrds   Richard Digance
    "Phantom of The Rainbow Theatre"   "Live at The Rainbow"   "Live 16th Jan 1977"   "In Concert"
    Various   Van Halen   Neil Young   Black Uhuru
    "A Tribute to Ron Hubbard"   "Live at The Rainbow Theatre"   "Somewhere under The Rainbow"   "Tear it Up"
    Traffic   Led Zeppelin   Badger   Gary Glitter
    "Rainbow Theatre May.17th.1974"   The Lost Sessions Vol 11   "One Live"   "Remember me this way"
    Lou Reed   Eric Clapton   Wishbone Ash   Jethro Tull
    "Rainbow 1973"   "Rainbow Revisted 1977"   "Live Recordings"   "1978"
    Eddie & The Hot Rods   Capt.Beefheart   The Sharks   Billy Connolly
    "Live at The Rainbow"   "1973"   "1973"   "Raw meat for the balcony"
    Fairport Convemtion   Genesis   Various   Blacik Sabbath
    "Live Convention"   "A Living Story"   "4 legends of Rock n Roll"   "Live at Last"
    Graham Parker   Yes        
    "The Bootleg Box Vol 2"   "17th December 1980"        
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