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  Auditorium 1930   Proscenium 1930   1947   Architect’s Stone
  1964   1966   Side 1931   Above stalls exit door
  1969   1948   1949   "Village" stage right
        Nice picture of the fountain showing the original chequered floor
  Foyer Dome   "Village" stage left   "Village" stage right   Foyer fountain
  Proscenium Mid 1970s   Entrance Vestible   Circle Doors   Circle "Spanish" Bar
  1996   "Rear" 1996   1989   1994 (empty)
    Nice view of the roof structure around entrance dome. The person you see is standing on the roof of the 'flat'  
  1979   View from back of projection room across foyer roof   2003
  This is the original lighting control situated on gallery on stage right. This also controlled the moon phase and cloud projections.  
  Jane from "Hot Gossip" showing original lighting control board - Stage right   Winter 1976
  The circle - Early 80s   Trolly Bus parked outside the "Scene Dock"
  Great shot of the theatre from 1936. Note the amount of neon on the front and sides of the building. The two films advertised are 'Geoeous Hussy' staring Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor and Lionel Barrymore. The other film is 'The Three Maxims' staring Anna Neagle   Crowds queing up to see Fred Astair & Ginger Rogers in "Swing Time"
  Postcard of the front of the building Circ. 1936   Side January 1937
  A nice wide angle photo of the foyer looking back to front doors   2010
  The Foyer "Spanish Bar"   Auditorium just after the church had bought it
  The Proscenium with Fire curtain 'in' 1930   Front doors 1930
  Entrance vestible (present)   Front Entrance 1949
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